Kind Words and Testimonials

Some lovely feedback from kind people:

‘Cat and Jim were two-fold in our handfasting. Not only did they create such a wonderful, tailored, heartfelt ceremony for us, they also took away any stress about the day.
Well before the day, they took care of us and listened to our wants/needs. They were there when we had questions and always had supportive words for us.
At the actual handfasting, they guided not only us but our guests (including muggles) and made everyone feel welcome.
Even afterwards, they checked (and check) on the family.
It may be a ceremony that you request from Cat and Jim, but it’s so much more than that you receive – their time, energy, compassion, experience and warmth.
I’m very thankful and grateful for when they accepted our request to handfast the two of us.’

Vix and Tony

‘Ours was a difficult journey to our handfasting, it was going to be our third attempt as our last two had been thwarted by near death experiences. We had also had a private Civil Partnership and then marriage conversion, but wanted a handfasting to celebrate with family and friends.

I never thought that I would be able to get someone as fabulous as Cat to join us, but I sent off a request anyway – and from that initial contact I have developed a friendship that I now treasure. She is absolutely amazing and without her, and her fabulous husband Jim, we wouldn’t have had such a magical day.

We had a rough idea of what we wanted in the ceremony, Cat and Jim took this and all the information from our meet up beforehand and emails and turned it into a celebration of our love for each other. We wanted something spiritual for ourselves but that wouldn’t scare away less open-minded family and friends – everybody at the ceremony had something positive to say. For the majority there, they didn’t know what to expect but left with a feeling of joy, calm, and overall loveliness!

At the last minute the ceremony had to be changed from outside to inside, but Cat and Jim took all this in their stride and sorted it as if by magic. When I entered the room and approached the circle the atmosphere was like nothing I’d experienced before, the gods and goddesses were most definitely there. Jim was standing there so majestically and asked me if I was entering of my own free will, I must admit it was a bit scary but then he softened and the nerves went and he reassured me and helped me to meet my darling wife. Cat took over and she spoke such beautiful words that were just so right and so us. I know we were surrounded by a circle of people, but Cat and Jim made the ceremony seem like it was just the four of us there. The spell was broken when we set off around the circle with the Cat-baked bread and the mead to share with our guests – another personalised touch.

I cannot say enough to praise Cat and Jim. They went above and beyond and filled our day with magic and love. They genuinely care and want the best. And I’m proud to know them both and have them share in our journey. It may have been five years ago, but the magic still remains.’

Sally and Mandy

‘Cat and Jim travelled across the country twice to sort our handfasting. They were so calm and helpful and the ceremony was beautiful. I have been privileged to be part of Cat and Jim’s handfastings both as the bride and as a guest and the ceremonies are always so meaningful and heartfelt.’


‘We were the first couple to have a handfasting ceremony at Coombe Abbey, 5 years ago and Cat and Jim made us feel so relaxed. It was so personal, they are very professional and so easy to talk to. The staff remembered us a year later saying how impressed they were
Cat and Jim made our day one we will never forget, I would highly recommend them such a lovely couple.
Oh and Cat we still havnt had to light the candle..😊’


‘I have a 6000 uni assignment due in on Monday and I’ve written 800 words. I’ve been paralyzed for some reason. Paralyzed and procrastinating. This is not like me. I’m normally first to finish. Your book ‘Facing the Darkness’ has been my security blanket. It has given me words of wisdom and support when I most needed it. Without it I could not have written the 800 words. I’m sure the rest will come over the weekend. I just wanted to thank you for writing it.

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