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Due to increased demand post-Covid, I’m making myself available again for personal consultations, focused teaching, divination, healing sessions, or just a chat about Druidry!

I’m generally available from 1030-1500 Monday to Friday, although outside hours can be booked on request. Session cost will vary depending on length and work required, but prices will start at £20 for an hour’s basic individual session (+£1 if booked via Paypal), and as a deposit. This is refundable or transferrable up to 24 hours before your appointment. Appointment must be booked in advance, due to workload and external commitments.

These ‘one-to-one’ sessions are not just talking, and will not be passive! Druidry is a spiritual practice of personal responsibility and connection. Practical exercises will be worked through at each person’s level of comfort and ability, providing tools for you to use in daily life. I will, of course, be available for further steps and support as you move forward, developing your own inspiration.

Reserve a place via email at – please let me know preferred time, date and service required. If unavailable, I can suggest alternative options.

I am also happy to chat out of hours via Zoom or Skype.

Please do get in touch at if you have any queries.

Topics that I can cover include:

– Everyday Druidry – developing your personal practice (₤20 per hour)

– Connection and Relationship – yourself and the wider world (₤20 per hour)

– Working with the Elements/Seasons – specific relationships (₤25 per hour)

– Basic Ritual Practice – from small and personal to large and seasonal (₤30 per hour)

– Life Changes – dealing with major shifts (₤40 per session)

– Personal Darkness – looking deep and facing fears (from ₤50 per session, depending on work required)


Part of the Druid Ovatic tradition is walking between the worlds, working with spirit to seek information. This can be used to aid a decision, determine a course of action, or simply find additional perspective on a troubling issue.

I will perform a remote Tarot reading in a ritual setting, with total focus on the question at hand. Full details of the resulting spread will then be sent, together with analysis. I can also assist with any further questions if clarification is needed, as well as images of the cards.

Please contact me for more details at If sending a question, please be as specific as possible.

All information will remain completely confidential. Readings will only be undertaken with full permission of the recipient. I do not perform any ritual act without full consent of the individual in question.

Basic cost for reading and consultation, including follow-up, is ₤20 (+£1 for Paypal here).

I use the Steampunk and Druid Craft decks – let me know if you have a preference, or would like a particular spread. I will otherwise make a choice based on your question.

The Steampunk Tarot
The Druid Craft Tarot


Utilising energy in a similar manner to Reiki, ritual healing can be performed either remotely or in person. Please contact me at for more information.

Cost for remote healing is ₤30 (+£1 for Paypal here).

Cost for personal appointments will vary according to duration and distance.


As well as wedding and festival rites, I have been priviledged to perform funerary services (mainly with The Co-Operative Funeral Company) and child namings; also more personal and private ritual when called upon.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any ideas for ritual – from seasonal celebrations to the marking of life changes.

Sacred Ritual Creations

I am currently taking orders for ritually-created ‘prayer’ shawls/wraps/blankets to assist in personal practice. Each item is handmade by me as a sacred act, charged with intention and purpose as specified, or just for the individual on their own unique journey.

Cost will vary depending on size required and materials, but a deposit of ₤50 is required to source materials and begin work. Time of production will also vary (based on my workload, commitments and size of piece), but I will take orders on a first-come, first-served basis and keep you advised of status throughout. A medium-sized piece should take approximately one month.

Please contact me directly to discuss. An approximate idea of size, colour and any fabric/yarn allergies is appreciated; also if required for a particular date or occasion.

I can also create ritual-specific oils and baths for personal, seasonal or lunar work. These will have to be made ad hoc, specifically for the individual, time and circumstances. Please contact me with your requirements.


Wow is all I can say!!! I cannot believe how enlightening the reading has been. It has totally answered my question and given me guidance on how to move forward. Thank you so much – the photos were a lovely touch too. I shall certainly be recommending you to others Annmarie

‘Beautiful night, and a lovely Yule Ritual. Thank you very much.’ – Graham


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