Media and Multifaith

Multifaith – Schools & Workplaces

Professional institutions are increasingly becoming aware of the need for multifaith training, given the wide variety of people they may encounter in the course of their working and personal lives – plus it’s always fascinating to learn about others.

However, it is often the case that Paganism is viewed with scepticism or nervousness, due to general misunderstanding about beliefs and practises.

As an active Multifaith volunteer, I have been priviledged to present talks on Paganism and Druidry for a wide variety of people, from NHS institutions to local schools. I combine practical knowledge and information with a ‘real-world’ approach, in the understanding that while the day may be focused on fulfilling a requirement, I can certainly make it interesting and enjoyable.

Please do let me know if I can help with an event for yourself or your workplace. I have worked professionally for both the Ambulance Service and Police (Derbyshire and Metropolitan), as well as Social Services and other Public businesses. Current clients include regional Councils, Primary Care Trusts and Universities.


Many of the interviews that I’ve undertaken have been for the ‘physical’ press, but some have made their way onto the internet. Here’s a brief selection:

BBC News (Samhain 2010)

The Independent (Summer Solstice 2011)

Brides Up North feature – Stonehenge Handfasting (Beltane 2011)

Brides Up North interview (Autumn 2011)

Druid Life interview (March 2012)

The Wiccan & Pagan Times interview (Summer 2012)

Divine Community podcast interview (March 2012)

Druidcast podcast interview (April 2012)

Prospect‘ magazine (August 2013)

And a live recording of the talk I gave at the LinDhu Gathering in 2013 (apologies for quality).


If more interviews were conducted with people like you, I think Paganism/Druidism would be more widely accepted.’ – Alison

‘You always make my day brighter and to hear you was wonderful!’ – Liz


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