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‘Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers’ by Janine Pipe

Twenty years ago, me and some friends bagged a ride to our nearest multiplex to watch a new werewolf movie. We arrived late and had no idea what to expect.

For the rest of that year (and beyond), we were quoting this film constantly. Someone would start whistling the ‘marching’ theme and others would join in. I bought both UK and US copies of the DVD because they have different – absolutely hilarious – commentaries.

Cut to today. Another lady writer with equal (ok, maybe a bit more) enthusiasm had the idea of writing an anniversary tribute to that movie. Here it is.

I was lucky enough to make online friends with Janine and receive an ARC of the book. It’s one of those that you want to devour in a single sitting, and yet take slowly because you don’t want it to end.

This book, make no mistake, is a tribute. It’s an absolute love-letter: to Dog Soldiers and those who brought it to life, as well as to horror and those who carved a path in werewolf movies historically. There’s some big movie names here.

Janine has left no stone unturned in her quest to make this the best retrospective it can be. Full of interviews, quotes, artwork and photos, we learn about the movie from concept to execution, as well as the impact it had on audiences.

The tone is chatty and fun, which is infinitely preferable to a dry film-school dissertation. The shenanigans of the squaddies/actors are contagious, and if you go in with a good sense of humour, you’ll be fine.

People are still discovering the absolute ride that is this movie. I’m glad there’s a book that does it justice, hopefully inspiring new viewers and also aspiring actors, filmmakers, FX creatives and writers to really take the leap to make what they love.

Sit down by the fire. Grab a bowl of Mysterious Stew (and a good spoon). Listen to a friendly voice tell of a crazy tale, of soldiers and big effing werewolves. You’ll love it.

I’m off to dig out one of those DVDs again now, to watch with my own collies by my side.

‘Sausages’ is available now.


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