Learning Druidry

Druidry has never been more relevant as a lived spirituality, helping us to find our connection and flow in these fast-paced times. But what is Druidry? How do we live it day-to-day? What does this truly mean in the real, tangible world?

After numerous requests for more information and focused teaching, I am now looking to offer online teaching and mentoring for those who wish to commit to learning more. Druid traditions will form a foundation for each student to specifically create their own unique, personal spiritual practice, from the initial exploratory steps to development for their future lives.

This will be teaching via guidance and development, rather than a curriculum of right/wrong answers, or regurgitation of others’ work. While tools and methods will be shared in lessons, students will be encouraged to explore as they learn, to discover the best methods that work for them as their spirituality becomes part of everyday reality. Assessment will likewise be based on a combination of proven practical activity and demonstrated personal understanding.

Lessons will be undertaken primarily via email, but with online group chat sessions for those who wish to participate, as well as the option of telephone or Skype tutorials. I am also looking at the possibility of field trips and meet-up weekends as study progresses.

The course of study will be for one year, following both the seasonal/Festival calendar and the lunar cycle. Each study period will cover a lunar month, with lessons and associated assignment deadlines at the New Moon.

We will cover the seasonal transitions, festivals and rituals, as well as our own mythologies, relationship with land, spirit, ancestors and deity. Awareness of energy, personal ethics/responsibility and individual creativity will also be involved.

This will require commitment. The nature of distance learning demands a level of personal discipline, but also the unique experiential nature of the work involved means that you will not be able to simply complete an assignment the night before deadline! However, there is also flexibility – some may find particular exercises take longer than others, so there is awareness of personal needs and different paces of learning, while keeping within the calendar framework.

I am now taking names for 2021, to begin on the Summer Solstice in June. Please do email me if interested.

As always, spaces are very limited due to my other commitments – so potential students must be prepared to prove that they can do the work!

If you would like to receive details, please email me: bardic@hotmail.co.uk

Please do NOT just leave a comment below if you require an answer. It’s hard for me to get in touch via such a method, and as this is a correspondence course through email, that is the way to communicate. If you can’t do that… we won’t get very far!

Elvaston path


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  3. Andruid said

    i have finished the course and i am a completely different person than when i started(in a good way lol)

  4. Denise March said

    Hi I’m interested for this when you start. Thank you Denise

    • druidcat said

      Hi Denise – please read the last two paragraphs (in bold)! Thanks.

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