Diary Dates – Workshops & Talks

Public Talks & Book Signing

– 28 May: ‘Love & Darkness’, Witchfest Midlands, Staffordshire University

– 17 September: Scottish Goddess Conference, Paisley (and streaming online).


Photograph – Pagan Pride, Nottingham 2017 (copyright Krystina Bentley)

More events coming soon! If you’d like me to come to your area, please get in touch: bardic@hotmail.co.uk

Comments on Talks:

If she’s in your area and you have the spoons to go to an event that Cat is speaking at, I highly recommend it. Being ‘in bed’ with her, as we have been today, is a real pleasure and privilege and being in the room with her, her magic just oozes out of her and touches you, honestly. Can’t recommend her enough.

Comments on Workshops:

A very enjoyable day, with like-minded people all sharing and learning on the same level, no matter what their spiritual background. I was very impressed with Cat’s ‘laid back approach’ to teaching, it was so easy to understand and left you wanting more. All questions were answered and we were positively encouraged to question everything we didn’t understand. Can’t wait for the next workshop! – David

A wonderful day, wonderful workshop, Cat’s an inspiration, can’t wait for the next one πŸ˜€ 20 out of 10 definitely – Joanna

It was indeed a fantastic day, very informative, very interesting and definitely left us all wanting more πŸ˜€ – Helen

It was fantastic to be able to explore these ideas with a group (and with such a brilliant, experienced teacher). Druidry seems to be such a diverse thing, with so many different possible approaches to it, that’s it’s great to have a chance to meet with a group of people and try things out. A wonderful workshop! – Sophia

A great workshop with diverse people, all able to find heart and truth during a powerful day. Refreshingly inclusive and easy to understand, presented in a format easy to translate into your life, whatever your views. Cat makes it easy to see how to integrate spiritual progress into your everyday life, rather than making it seem like a chore or burden: Spirituality hand in hand with corporeality as it should be, reflecting our holistic needs. Thanks for your reassuring hand guiding us, Cat! – Jess

Travelling Workshops

As quite a few people have asked, I am now willing to travel to provide workshops – if there is a call for it! So if you think you have a group of people who want to get involved (12 is good for a workshop, more possible for a talk), plus a location and date options, contact me at bardic@hotmail.co.uk.


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