Combined Healing

Good morning, lovely readers. It’s been the longest ever pause between posts… due to 2016. I’m sure few of you are surprised. It’s been a tough year for most of us.

I’m not going into details of my trials here (if you want information on that, it’s over on my Patreon page, as it’s somewhat more private). But what I’m wanting to do moving forward is to reboot this blog, talking about Druidry yes, but on a more regular basis.

On this particular Monday, I’m considering – as always – the connection between what is called ‘spiritual’ and what is called ‘everyday life’. And how the two really are connected, whether we like it or not.

I’ve been in a lot of physical and mental pain recently, which regular society suggests I handle via medication. My Doctor is great, as is my local pharmacy (hurrah for small village shops!), but ultimately it’s about pills to cure your ills.

This is fine, and I don’t want to disparage anything that works. However… I am questioning how much that is true.

Painkillers certainly work, and help hugely when I’m suffering from, say, a migraine last night. But they didn’t quite do the trick.

I was desperate. So I tried everything my frazzled brain could think of. The brain-pain was ultimately beaten back using a combination of forces: Ibuprofen for pain, tea and water for hydration and consolation… and ‘alternative’ remedies. Interestingly, it’s only when I started to apply these that change began to be tangibly felt.

I have a fabulous temple balm from Luna Levitas, ‘Witch Potion Headache Relief’. That’s her style, but in real terms it’s aromatherapy: peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot, amongst other things. Entirely vegan and a pleasure to inhale and apply.

Also I love the term ‘temple balm’. Yes, it’s the temples on your head, so you’re essentially stroking your brain back to health. But it also makes me think of religious temples, peaceful and quiet, the scent of the balm mixing with the spirit of a magical place… definitely therapeutic.

Then I remembered a sari scarf acquired from Wrapunzel (I’ve been exploring ritual head-wrapping recently, but more on that in another post). So a deep purple wrap was gently tied around my aching noggin, and I rested myself back and closed my eyes…

In a short while, the pain began to ease. Not just the physical pain, but the mental tension beneath it. I began to breathe more freely again, feeling the flow of everything combining in my intention to heal myself.

This is a huge part of what I’ve been going through in recent months. NHS medication (which has never really worked) has given way to proper talking therapy. Self-care has become necessary – whatever works, from rest to exercise, engrossing stories (movies and books) to meditation or journeying.

By combining the spiritual with the ‘mundane’ (which really isn’t!), my mind, body and spirit are coming together to do what needs to be done.

Opening my laptop this morning to write has also been a huge challenge. The pain has made creativity so difficult, which in turn makes my mood plummet – writing is what I do, and not having done that has also been painful! So here I am. Again, setting intention, for both myself and sharing with those who are interested.

My work is about inspiration and connection. I’m reforging those skills as life turns into a new phase – I really do feel that’s what 2016 is pushing us to do. We step up, learn and move forward. But through growing knowledge of who we are, what we’re doing, and seeing that we do it for ourselves in order to step ‘outside’ and honestly connect with others.

I’m still here. That’s a blessing. As is the healing. I’ll be continuing to explore, and look forward to seeing what I find as the journey moves forward.

Much love, my friends. Happy Monday x



  1. Argenta said

    Dear Cat,
    great to hear from you again, and a wonderful idea about weekly posts.

    I was wondering how you came across Wrapunzel — I’ve been an avid follower for the past three or four years, and absolutely love the FB community. I also found that regular wrapping did something close to a miracle about my anxieties. It is a soft comfort, art therapy, and a calming ritual all in one. Hope you are enjoying your exploration!


  2. Glad you are writing again. Hoping for more good things for you.

  3. It’s great to see a post again! May healing and comfort find its way to you when ever you have need!

  4. How lovely to read your post. The last time I had a migraine (or at least, it was a very debilitating headache) I had been wearing a hairband all day and couldn’t help thinking that that had contributed to the ferocity of the headache. But then when the headache recurred a few more times over the course of the week I realised it couldn’t have been. But I’ve never worn a hairband since! I’m sure head wrapping is entirely different and will visit Wrapunzel (love the name!) to see what it’s all about.

  5. I meant blessings ūüôā

  6. Claire Pattison Valente said

    Looking forward to your posts and a happy Monday to you too

  7. So great to see you in my Inbox! It sounds like you are doing very important work in caring for yourself. That is inspirational!
    I’m glad you are still here and still working on your writing and telling your story. ‚̧ /|\

  8. chrissie ayton said

    Hi Cat – Shenn Deepwood here, Really agree so much with the¬†Inspiration & Connections aspects – also Linking The Spiritual ( metaphysical ) with The “Mundane ( physical ). Interesting also about your idea¬†for the one to one meeting forum space – and the sponsorship for it as a service to the Greater community – I’ve often contemplated taking that approach myself over the past few months or so. Therefore I fervently wish you every success, and will follow it via the Catbox. Keep Well, though¬†– so many I know on the cutting edge of Wisdoms are feeling the responsibilities with depressions – you are never really alone – we all stand together ! Blessings from The Wildwood Deepwood /’\ | druidcat posted: “Good morning, lovely readers. It’s been the longest ever pause between posts… due to 2016. I’m sure few of you are surprised. It’s been a tough year for most of us.I’m not going into details of my trials here (if you want information on that, it’s ove” | |

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