OK folks – I think it’s time to throw things open again.

I have a few blog ideas brewing (life has just been busy lately!), but as those of you who’ve been with me from the start – or who’ve read my book – may remember, this all started back when I simply asked readers to ask questions for me to answer. About myself and my practice, Druidry generally… whatever they wanted to know, or just things they wanted me to talk about in a blog post.

So let’s see how far we’ve come, shall we? Post your questions, and I’ll compile ones that inspire me into a post later this week…

By the way, one random Questioner may well get sent a sneak excerpt from Book 2… 🙂


  1. Helene said

    Do you know of any groves in Yorkshire ( Wakefield area)? I’ve emailed the main Druid thingy OBOD or whatever several times and posted on the Facebook page ect, but not received an answer or acknowledgement from any of them.

    • druidcat said

      I don’t, but I’m sure there are groups – it’s just a matter of finding them! OBOD, TDN and the Pagan Federation all have listings on their websites, or if you’re a Member, you can ask on their forums. The Pagan Federation also have Regional Coordinators who might be able to help (contacts on their website again); also perhaps adverts in local pagan-friendly shops? The ‘green pages’ in Pagan Dawn magazine might have contacts too. Hope this helps!

      • Helene said

        Thank you.., will

  2. Argenta said

    How viable is Druidry outside Britain and/or away from places with distinct Celtic heritage? Is it more appropriate, in such cases, to use some aspects of Druidry with a more local variety of spirituality, or can it be applied regardless?

  3. What would you say is the one thing that modern druids need to be most aware of today?

  4. hmm.. questions, i have one.. about magic. ok so i am a Witch, and have been for a good long while. what i am becomeing curious about is the differences? similarities? between Druid Magic and Witch Magic, or if there is even a difference as you see it working, so to speak.

    the reason i am asking is because i know a few druid types, and have noticed a bit of a difference, in feeling *waggles hand* energy *waggles hands more* at the seasonal celebration, and also when having talked with the few druids i know, there is often differences of understanding with how magic is done and how it works…

    so now i am curious if there are differences? of if you have any experience of this? or pondering you would like to share.

    *ponders this*

  5. Angela Samson said

    Hi Cat, there are a couple of questions I would like to put. I hear a lot about the Lord and Lady, God and Goddesses of various names. For me they are metaphors of the aspects of the duality in nature, e.g. Male – Female balance. The question I would like answered is. Is there a creator/spirit that governs all, in Druid belief??
    The other question.( I am a Pagan Ovate by the way). As we believe in reincarnation and do not believe there is a devil or such a place as hell. What do you suppose happens to people that commit wicked crimes?? I would like to think they are punished in some way?
    Angela x/l\x

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