The Raven’s Eye

Yesterday, I wrote a post on the topic of ‘Sacrifice’. It’s been taken down now, for various reasons, but mainly that it was perhaps too ambiguous – a large topic either needs a broad area for discussion, or something simpler, more personal.

But I’ve been thinking, deeply, on both that subject and the wider aspects of communicating such amorphous concepts. Which is, essentially, what this blog does. I’ve made it my duty to do it as well as I can.

So this is just one tiny page of one person’s thoughts. Challenged to write from my heart, to sing my own song, I call on the Awen to flow once again…

As a Druid, I’m often asked about ‘making the sacrifice’. It’s something people ‘know’ about our ancestors, that image of the robed figure with knife held high above a stone table. That may be the story, but what’s the reality?

To me a Sacrifice is a sacred gift, given to reflect and maintain balance. Offered with love and some regret, it should be missed – and therein lies the value. The relationship between given and giver, the connection, the story told in the history of that act and its future consequences: a sacrifice is neither simple, nor isolated. Responsibility and intention are presented and received in turn. And we move forward.

The first, or last, taste of food or drink – the gift of Life.
Time and energy – the gift of Knowledge.
Tears – Strength.
Life – Love.
Blood – Life.
Pain – Healing.

I give my words to you all, here. My efforts, time, thoughts and integrity, sacrificed on the altar of free information – not ultimate truth, in any way, but my own truth. I can do no more.

I learn from what comes as a result of these words, as others read and respond. It’s not about ego, not at all, but about inspiration, sharing, adding one voice to an overarching melody. I work hard to make that sound true, with so much discordant squawking out there. The topic becomes less important, as I struggle to make the words reflect my thoughts, to create understanding, not confusion. I have no idea who will read these words – the sheer audacity of believing that it will be of interest at all is huge, but I can’t think about that. It’s a challenge, but I can’t be overwhelmed by the unknown. It’s just me, here, typing my intention.

I make my own sacrifices daily, feeling it become more difficult as I get older. To my loved ones, my Gods, my ancestors, family of blood and spirit – and to complete strangers, those who approach me to simply ask. These words are just one example.

We’re all human, reluctant to give up what we’ve worked for, to expose ourselves to ridicule. But we have to make that connection, to do what matters – or we’re simply isolated, alone and confused, and fooling ourselves, refusing to feel, blocking our own senses. We receive as we give (as a wiser person said).

What sacrifices do you make in life? Not necessarily through obligation, but voluntarily – not always easily, but willingly?

The cost and reward of Sacrifice? Love, bravery and honesty. A Druid Triad, perhaps – or it could be just my mutterings…

Dedicated, with love, to that Son of Odin whose wisdom I hold dear. The Raven’s song may be harsh, but it always carries meaning x


  1. We are going in different directions here! Take the blogging. It would never have occured to me to think of that as sacrifice. I write a blog almost every day, but I do that because I like the discipline and structure. My writing benefits from being tested publically. Writing every day is an important part of honing my skills – all benefit to me. I know other people enjoy or benefit from my writing – this props up my self esteem and helps me feel what I’m doing is worthwhile. Again, benefit to me. I feel gratitude that people take the time to read my ponderings, and hugely appreciate the many insightful comments I am blessed with. And I write it becuse I hope people will get interested enough to buy my books.But sacrifice? Not at all. Only goes to show how much we can differ in how we feel about the things we do.

  2. It’s a shame it’s been taken down. I found it really thought-provoking – contemplated it all day and then did some ritual around it. Didn’t agree with everything in it, but who would agree with everything on everyone else’s path? I like being challenged by very different perspectives. Might write a post in response to this 🙂

    Nimue, I think sacrifice is really different for different people. For me, time spent on a blog post or podcast is painful and a sacrifice, as well as life-affirming and creative, because (for various personal reasons) time and energy are in very, very short supply for me. For other people, other things will be sacrifices, that I wouldn’t find painful at all. I feel like that’s part of what Cat was saying here & in the earlier post. I may be wrong though!

    • druidcat said

      I may consider reposting some of it, then, if anyone still has a copy (perhaps on email)? Normally I would keep a post up regardless of response, but the amount of misunderstanding about it made me take it down to reconsider it as a whole.

      As Nimue says, blogging is hard. As Sophia says, it takes a lot of energy. Every one is a sacrifice, but also a gift and an offering. And (as can be seen from the responses) blog posts, like sacrifices, never stand alone – and are certainly not simple or straightforward!

      • I would love to read it, Cat. Sadly I missed it but it sounds like you sparked some interesting debate x

      • druidcat said

        OK – a copy has been found, and it’s now posted again… I admit to some trepidation! But like all posts, it stands alone, yet connected.

        We speak our truths and we learn…

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